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Landa Lakes

J Miko Thomas, Weaving Spirit’s co-curator, is a Chickasaw writer, musician, and artivist. As drag persona Landa Lakes she’s founded two houses, Brush Arbor Gurlz in 2014, and the House of Glitter in 2015, and is the Westcoast  Mother of the Vogue House of Lauren, International. Honors include a KQED LGBT Local Hero Award, and the national pageant title of Jewel of the Galaxy. She was publicly elected as the 36th Grand Duchess of San Francisco. Landa serves on BAAITS’s Board and co-founded the first and largest Two-Spirit Powwow and is the President of the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco. At Weaving Spirits, she will perform with the Native American drag house called the Brush Arbor Gurlz (BAGz) including Ken Harper (Cherokee), Samantha Richards (Dine), Miso Hornay, and Peter Griggs (Saqamish). The group’s name is based on brush arbor gathering spaces of Southeastern tribes used for social occasions. The BAGz can be found performing around the US and Cananda often, introducing audiences to Native politics for the first time. 
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